Capsiplex Review

Capsiplex Review

Should you buy Capsiplex to lose weight?

Capsiplex is a metabolism boosting formula based on chilli, caffeine and black pepper. Its makers claim this slimming pill can burn as many calories as 80 minutes of walking or jogging for 25 minutes so does Capsiplex actually work?

Capsiplex reviews have attracted much attention from the media having been featured in some popular newspapers and magazines. Capsiplex was recently featured in the Daily Mail newspaper as “the pill to help you slim while sitting at your desk”.

Clinical trials has shown adults taking the Capsiplex slimming pills burned off 278 more calories before, during and after a bout of exercise than those on placebos. This mean that over the course of a year you could have a weight loss of 25 pounds.

Usually, when you ingest foods that are high in fat, your body will convert this fat into triglycerides and then transported to the fat cells to be stored. The ingredients in Capsiplex not only inhibit the amount of fat that the body stores, it increases your metabolic rate and helps to burn more calories.

What this means for you is that you can burn more calories than you’re consuming so your body will begin to burn the fat it has stored for energy and you will lose weight and even get rid of cellulite.

How does Capsiplex work?

Capsicum is the compound in red peppers that gives it heat. As a weight loss supplement, Capsaicin is highly effective. It has been shown to decrease appetite and inhibit the growth of fat cells. This ultimately reduces your calories overall and helps you lose weight.

A small amount of caffeine is included in Capsiplex, but the amount is so small that there have been no reported side effects. Caffeine has been used as a weight loss ingredient because of its powers of boosting the metabolism and its ability to break down fat.

Capsiplex also contains Niacin which aids in weight loss by helping to release energy from fats, proteins, and carbohydrates so that they can be used by the body.

Capsiplex good points

  • No side effects
  • Capsiplex does not contain and unnatural stimulants or harsh chemicals
  • Safe to buy from official Capsiplex website

Capsiplex Review Verdict

As with all the weight loss pills we review, Capsiplex works best if you take the supplement about one hour before you engage in moderate exercise combined with eating a well balanced, low calorie diet.

Capsiplex has been specially developed to provide just enough Capsicum for weight loss without the stomach discomfort of eating large volumes of chilli. If you want to buy Capsiplex make sure you use the link below to buy from the official Capsiplex UK website. This is the only place you can get the prices shown below.

Quantity Was Price
1 Month Supply £39.99 £29.99
2 Month Supply £59.98 £53.98
1 Month Capsiplex Plus £53.99 £42.99
2 Month Capsiplex Plus £85.98 £77.95

Capsiplex Plus is a new product with 5-HTP, find out more in our Capsiplex Plus Review

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  1. Dusty Eschenbacher says:

    I got an email raving about this, and decided to buy some, I could only find one review but that girl lost 9lbs in the 20 days so I figured that at £11.99 for a 10 day supply delivered as it is on most sites, I didn’t have anything to lose. I’ve been dieting for a few months now and for the last 3 weeks my weight loss has stopped even though I’m still only on 1400 calories a day and exercising most evenings. I’m on day 7 of the 10 now and ordered another box last night, I’ve lost 3lbs and my stomach is so much flatter already that I definately want to do the recommended 20 days. If you mix it in a glass it gets a disgusting foam on it and leaves residue, but I’m now mixing it in a 500ml bottle of water and shaking it up, no foam and no residue. It tastes pretty nice, like a tropical squash. If I can lose another 4/5lbs in the remaining 13 days I’ll be thrilled, it says after the 20 days to have a 15 day break and then repeat until you’ve lost the weight you need to lose, I’m almost certainly going to get another 20 day supply.

  2. trenbolone acetate says:

    One of the best and informative post on this topic thanks alot for sharing

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