Weight Loss Pill Reviews

We review the latest and best selling weight loss pills from fat burners to appetite suppressants, all promising miricle weight loss. Our honest reviews have been helping people just like you to make the right choice with facts about weight loss pills since 2009.

Semtex Extreme Weight Loss Semtex Extreme Weight Loss

JST Jodie SEMTEX is formulated using a combination of ingredients designed to burn fat and help you to lose weight but does it really work? This diet pill has been much talked about over the last couple of months, mainly due to the fact that the woman behind the brand has herself made dramatic changes […]

Our Rating: 3/10

Green Coffee Extract Weight Loss Green Coffee Extract Weight Loss

A recent study suggests that taking green coffee bean extract could be a safe and effective way to lose weight.

An extract made from unprocessed coffee beans might be a powerful yet affordable solution to weight loss. Recent studies suggest that it really can work with no side effects.

Our Rating: 7/10

Raspberry Ketone Review Raspberry Ketone Review

Since a recent TV endorsement by a leading health expert, Raspberry Ketone has been selling out with demand so high for the fat burner.

Researchers concluded that Raspberry Ketone “holds great promise as a fat-burning, health-improving herbal supplement”, so why is the dieting world going crazy for Raspberry Ketone?

Our Rating: 7/10

100% Pure Acai Berry 100% Pure Acai Berry

Research has found 100% Pure Acai Berry to be something of a ‘superfood’ with good antioxidant properties and health benefits but can it really help you to lose weight?

Our Rating: 5/10

Capsi Extreme Review Capsi Extreme Review

Capsi Extreme is a new weight loss supplement which harnesses the power of clinically tested, natural extracts that are formulated to work together in order to provide numerous health benefits.

Our Rating: 6/10

Krill Oil Review Krill Oil Review

Krill oil has many health benefits, one of which is weight loss through the removal of toxins.

Our Rating: 6/10

Capsiplex Plus Review Capsiplex Plus Review

Capsiplex has been one of the best selling fat burners in the UK for some time now and the company behind this weight loss pill have not only just released the highly rated appetite suppressant Nuratrim but they now bring you a new improved version of Capsiplex called Capsiplex Plus.

Our Rating: 7.5/10

Nuratrim Review Nuratrim Review

Nuratrim uses 4 scientifically proven ingredients to increase metabolism and help you to feel full, so you eat less and start losing weight.

Nuratrim is a combination of appetite suppressant, metabolism enhancer and fat burner from the makers of Capsiplex. Is this a winning weight loss combination?

Our Rating: 7.5/10

Skinny Fibre Xtreme Review Skinny Fibre Xtreme Review

New to the slimming pill market is Skinny Fibre Xtreme which has been getting much attention from celebrity endorsements like Jodie Marsh giving it credit for her weight loss but does it really work?

Our Rating: 5/10

Hydroxycut Hardcore X Review Hydroxycut Hardcore X Review

Hydroxycut Hardcore X is the latest fat burner from MuscleTech, one of the world’s leading fitness nutrition companies. The new formula consists of 15 ingredients including caffeine, green tea extract and garcinia cambognia.

Our Rating: 7/10

Lose weight with a Slim Weight Patch Lose weight with a Slim Weight Patch

Weight loss pills are not for everyone which is why Slim Weight have developed their revolutionary patch to help provide a natural weight loss solution.

Our Rating: 8/10

Forza T5 Super Strength Fat Burner Forza T5 Super Strength Fat Burner

Is the Forza T5 Super-Strength Fat Burner the Ferarri of fat burning diet pills? Or is it a car crash waiting to happen?

Our Rating: 7/10

Is Proactol A Scam? – Proactol Review Is Proactol A Scam? – Proactol Review

Proactol uses proven ingredients to combine with fats in the stomach to help reduce the amount of calories your body can absorb. It's success lead to many Proactol scam websites so only by from official sites.

Extensive Proactol review of the latest diet pill which can help you lose weight easily. We tell you if it really can help you with your weight loss or if Proactol is a scam.

Our Rating: 9/10

Does UniqueHoodia Work? Does UniqueHoodia Work?

UniqueHoodia is the leading Hoodia Gordonii weight loss pill. This natural ingredient is an appetite suppressant designed to help you consume fewer calories. UniqueHoodia is certified to contain pure Hoodia Gordonii unlike similar weight loss pills.

You may not have heard of UniqueHoodia but no doubt you’ll have heard of the weight loss phenomenon that is Hoodia Gordonii. Hoodia has been hugely popular amongst dieters for some time now with no small thanks to Oprah Winfrey who rang out endorsements of Hoodia on her show. Hoodia has natural appetite suppression properties […]

Our Rating: 7.5/10

FULLfast Review FULLfast Review

If your diet plan is struggling due to hunger, FULLfast Appetite Control Spray could be the extra help you need.

Our Rating: 6/10

DEcarb Carb Blockers DEcarb Carb Blockers

DEcarb is a leading carb blocker in the world of popular weight loss supplements.

Our Rating: 6/10

Weight Loss Vitamin Weight Loss Vitamin

Weight Management Vitamin is the complete daily vitamins & mineral supplement to help maintain your health during weight loss.

Our Rating: 7/10

PureAcaiBerry Patch PureAcaiBerry Patch

Packed with anti-oxidants, PureAcaiBerry Patch now brings the highly potent detoxifying acai berry in the form of a fast acting patch.

Packed with anti-oxidants, PureAcaiBerry Patch now brings the detoxifying acai berry in the form of a fast acting patch.

Our Rating: 8/10

Dietrine Carb Blocker Dietrine Carb Blocker

Dietrine can reduce the amount of carbohydrates that your body absorbs which means that only will you reduce the number of calories that you body will gain (from the carbohydrates) but it will also force your body to use your fat stores for its energy requirements.

Our Rating: 5/10

Phen375 Review Phen375 Review

Like many Phen375 reviews, this weight loss pill comes out top for proven results and no side-effects. With some dieters losing as much as 25 pounds in just 6 weeks this weight loss pill can't be ignored.

Phen375 is marketed as the ultimate weight loss pill and features quality ingredients. We’ll sift through the hype to get the real facts and reveal the truth as to whether Phen375 is as tough on belly fat as the old version.

Our Rating: 9/10

Capsiplex Review Capsiplex Review

Capsiplex uses the highly effective Capsicum compound found in red peppers to burn more calories than you’re consuming. It increases your metabolic rate and triggers a rise in core body temperature.

Capsiplex is one of the latest slimming pills on the market, which has a long line of Hollywood celebrity success stories which has quickly made it a best seller.

Our Rating: 8/10

Proactol Plus Review Proactol Plus Review

Proactol has been around for a good few years now and dieters have reported a great deal of success from using it as part of a balanced diet plan. Proactol Plus aims to accelerate your weight loss further still: it contains all the fat fighting Proactol ingredients but with an added punch!

Pure Acai Berry Pure Acai Berry

It May Be The Purest Acai Weight Loss Pill But Can It Help You Lose Fat?

Our Rating: 4.2/5

Meratol Review Meratol Review

Meratol combines clinically proven ingredients from several already popular weight loss pills and claims to deliver weight loss of between 3 and 5 pounds per week with no side-effects.

Meratol is the latest product to hit the weight loss market in the UK. Meratol’s complete, natural solution to you weight problems combines the ingredients from several of the most popular weight loss pills on the market.

Our Rating: 7/10

Ultimate Maqui Berry Ultimate Maqui Berry

Forget Acai berry, the newest weight loss pill on the block is Maqui berry – proven to help you lose 400% more weight than diet and exercise alone.

Our Rating: 4.5/5

Proto-col Thermo-Slim Review Proto-col Thermo-Slim Review

Proto-col Thermo-Slim is designed to increase your metabolism naturally. It’s ingredients use thermogenesis to boost your energy levels and to help break down the fat contained in the food you eat.

Our Rating: 5/10

Bioslim Review Bioslim Review

BioSlim is one of the most popular weight loss systems. It has been claimed as a big breakthrough in the medical world. Makers of the system claim it is: Healthful, Powerful, and Effective.

Our Rating: 3/10

Appesat Review Appesat Review

The active ingredient in Appesat works by stimulating hunger sensors in the stomach, which send signal to the brain that the stomach is full.

Our Rating: 6/10

Is Phentramin-d As Good As Everyone Claims? Is Phentramin-d As Good As Everyone Claims?

Phentramin-D Is Getting Rave Reviews Across The Internet, But Is It As Effective As Prescription Based Phentermine?

Phentramin-D Is Getting Rave Reviews Across The Internet, But Is It As Effective As Prescription Based Phentermine?

Our Rating: 8/10

Hydroxycut Advanced Hydroxycut Advanced

In May of 2009, the original Hydroxycut was voluntarily recalled and since then they have re-formulated and launched Hydroxycut Advanced. Is it as good as the original for weight loss?

Our Rating: 6/10

Adipex-P (Phentermine) Adipex-P (Phentermine)

Adipex-P – Is The Adipex Phentermine Weight Loss Pill Better Than The Generic?

Our Rating: 4/10

TrimSpa Review TrimSpa Review

The Anna Nicole Smith Pill Is Re-Formulated & Now Ephedra Free

Our Rating: 4/10

LIPObind LIPObind

Celebrity Endorsements, Media Hysteria & Floods of Sales But Is LIPObind a Scam?

Our Rating: 3.75/5

Alli Weight Loss Alli Weight Loss

Find out why Alli has become one of the most popular over the counter diet pills in this review answers your Alli weight loss questions.

Our Rating: 6/10

Zotrim Diet Pills Zotrim Diet Pills

Can Zotrim Diet Pills Really Help You Lose 5% Of Your Weight In 6 Weeks?

Our Rating: 5/10

ProShape RX Review ProShape RX Review

Is ProShape RX the latest in a long line of weight loss supplements to jump on the band wagon of Hoodia Gordonii and skim profits off the top of this marketing phenomenon? By reading further down the page this Proshape rx review will help you uncover the real truth regarding the slimming pill that is […]

Our Rating: 4

Phentermine – Is This Famed Diet Pill Still Worth The Risks?

Phentermine is one name which has long been synonymous with weight loss, it is still considered by many to be the most powerful prescription diet pill. It has been the most prescribed weight loss pill since 1959 and continues to help people lose weight. Prescription Phentermine is a generic medication and “Phen pills” are sold […]

Our Rating: 3.5/10

Lipo 6 Review Lipo 6 Review

Lipo 6 is a traditional fat burner which originally made its name on the bodybuilding circuit helping users get ripped for competition.

Acai Burn – Is Acai Burn Just A Scam? Acai Burn – Is Acai Burn Just A Scam?

AcaiBurn is just one of hundreds of weight loss products which is based upon the South American Acai berry which, unless you have been living under a rock for the past year, is touted as a “weight loss miracle”. AcaiBurn is perhaps the most famous of all acai weight loss pills having been featured extensively […]